Sacred Space

Last December the new girlfriend of one of my closest friends was contacted telepathically by an entity who identified himself as Archangel Michael.

My friend and I are both getting on a bit and have been poking around esoteric and spiritual matters for a decade or three so we carefully scrutinised what came through and came to the conclusion that it was genuine. In the end it just felt deeply right. That was the start of quite a journey, or more accurately a new phase of a long journey that we had been on for some time. Then a few months ago my wife announced that she has been talking to a group of non physical entities in her meditations and that they seem to be pointing us in the same direction as the Michael.

Here are some of the main points that have come through.

  1. The planet is evolving. This means raising its vibration and healing itself from the damage we have done to it. Much information about this is coming through the women. This is part of a rebalancing of gender relations that is taking place in a greater context of planetary rebalancing.
  2. They are saying that something big is going to happen in the next few months, the planet is going to start cleansing itself and this will involve some serious disruptions. They are not giving any dates because what happens will depend on how we react to some extent.
  3. The only people who will be able to stay on the planet will be those who can raise their vibration to match and who will be willing and able to help her evolve. To begin with this will mean a lot of work doing things like planting trees and generally cleaning up the mess we have made. They are looking for about 3% of the current human population to wake up enough to make the transition and are slowing things down to allow as many people as possible to get on board but there may come a point where if the 3% is not reached they will just go with who they have. One credible source estimates that we are about 15,000 people short of what is needed and if true this will soon be reached.
  4. They will be able to help us with technology but we will have to figure out how we want to live, what we really need that we can't make ourselves and ask to be shown how we can make it, they will not impose anything on us. They will be available for teaching and mentoring but will not dictate to us. This is our journey and if we want to get the most out of it we must take full responsibility for ourselves and our actions.
  5. It will mean a return to the ways of being that existed before everything went wrong. What Steve Strong says about the Aboriginal beliefs tallies with what we are hearing about what these ways might be.
  6. It will not be a "back to living in caves, eating worms and bashing things with sticks" kind of scenario, though I suspect it may be a bit like camping for a while. It will be the opportunity to evolve a new kind of civilisation, using advanced technology where appropriate and living in peace and harmony with each other, the planet, all the other life forms that live on her and our friends from other worlds. It will be a major step towards realising our full potential as human beings, that is to say realising our divine potential.
  7. There will be a healing of the genetic modifications that have been done to the animals, plants and us humans.
  8. The people who cannot make the transition here on Earth will be relocated to environments appropriate to their evolutionary needs. For most people this will be a non traumatic process. It may well be quite pleasant. Those who wish to and are capable of ascending to higher dimensional levels of being away from Earth will be facilitated in their ascension. Those who are not yet ready to ascend will be relocated to an environment similar to Earth but without the influence of the dark energies which have been controlling things here for too long. This will allow them to spiritually evolve in a natural manner which has not been possible here for many thousands of years. This leaves the servants of the dark energies who have profited from the manipulation, deceit, mass murder, desecration of the environment etc to which the rest of us and the planet have been subject for far too long. Naturally they will want to carry on as they have been doing and will not want anything at all to change here. Fortunately for everybody and everything else on Earth this is not an option. They too will be relocated to an environment where they will be able to evolve and work out their karma but it may not be one that most of us would wish to find ourselves in.
  9. We are being very closely watched at this time and no one will be allowed to do any crazy stuff like exploding nuclear weapons. This has already been tried and it has been  stopped by our off planet friends.
  10. For those who want to stay here and work with Gaia the key is to quiet the mind, find our peace and focus on the empathy/heart/feeling/unconditional love energy, this is where the changes in us will come through.

I am aware that much of this is not new information, but it has been confirmed by our contacts and other contactees. It is useful to get confirmation, sometimes it can feel like you're going crazy and not sure if all this is just going on in your head. What is interesting is that as time goes on what seems to be emerging is something like a matrix of a new consciousness where there are contact points common to different reality based beliefs like the sanctity of and respect for all life. These points seem to be forming an early outline of a cosmology for our future.

It seems to be the case that our friends "upstairs" are trying to get through to as many people as possible at the moment but as we all have our individual biases and filters which can distort the messages we get it is imperative to see what other people are up to and compare notes.

We are told that nobody at the moment has the full picture but many people have fragments of the truth to varying degrees and it is necessary for each of us to use our own discrimination to try and join the dots together and figure out what is going on, what is real and what is not. This is an essential part of the process of raising consciousness which is really what this whole business comes down to in the end.

The future here on earth is for those who are prepared to reclaim their spiritual sovereignty and put it in the service of something higher than themselves. The coming changes will be an opportunity to do just that. Nobody is saying it's going to be easy but at the end of the day it just feels deeply right. Don't know about you but we can hardly wait.